Lyra Morgan

Contemporary Art

Lyra Morgan’s ‘statement’ paintings evoke the calmness she feels when she creates them, transforming the spaces we live in. Through her love of colour, she creates atmosphere by working in layers with mixed media and a unique non-brush technique making her pieces one of a kind."

I am a visual artist who loves to play and work with colour, different materials and processes. My paintings aim to create atmosphere rather than realism.

Art has always played a big role in my life, even at an early age drawing murals behind the back of the sofa, painting my first bike as a fresian cow and at 13, my mum letting me paint my entire room as a lake with an island in the middle. These fond memories have lead me to work under the name Lyra Morgan creating a collection of hands-on works in honour of my mother Myra Morgan because she was always a big advocate of my art and my creative spirit.

I am never happier than when I am in my Derby studio exploring the canvas and seeing where my art takes me.


Inspiration for my art comes from the unseen extra ordinary in everyday life, for instance when you look through a microscope when water freezes the molecules look like they are dancing. I am fascinated with the transient nature of water and its ability to take many forms whether it be a formed yet formless cloud or a flowing river. With my paintings, I hope to manifest the appeal of water's uniqueness through a variety of ‘scapes’ depicting man-made and natural worlds.